this is my soliloquy


I think I first knew when I walked out of that room and saw you standing there waiting for me, all 6”2 of you in a black shirt with your sleeves rolled up. I held you against me and hoped with everything I had that time would stop for us. That we would remain alive in that moment for as infinite as infinity would be, while everything around us decayed.

But Father Time, the unforgiving reality, made me pull away from you and brought us back to our lives thousands of miles away from each other. No amount of denial could refute the fact that I still remain crazy, crazy over you.

Best way to spend a Sunday  (at Tanjong Beach Club)

When The One You Let Go Was “The One” | Thought Catalog

Haha I couldn’t resist. Excuse my attempt to look emo. #sephorafallpressday #ilovemyjob (at Infinite Studios At 21 Media Circle)
Monday blues. I miss having coffee on cold mornings in Perth.

Breathing you in when I want you out
Finding our truth in a hope of doubt
Lying inside our quiet drama

Wearing your heart like a stolen dream
Opening skies with your broken keys
No one can blind us any longer

We’ll run where lights won’t chase us
Hide where love can save us
I will never let you go

Wine tasting at beautiful vineyards #margaretriver (at Margaret River Wine Region)
Scarborough beach with Denis the Menace. #perth
Mandatory touristy shot #Fremantle  (at Fremantle railway station)

“I expect to pass through this world but once, any good thing that I can do or any kindness I can show to any fellow living being, let me do it now. Let me not defer nor neglect it; for I shall not pass this way again.”

—   Unknown